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Our Policies


If you are on a regular cleaning schedule, two cancellations are allowed per calendar year (beginning 1/1/2008) without charge. Beyond these two cancellations your regular charge will apply. If you know ahead of time that you need to cancel your cleaning please let us know as soon as possible! If we are able to fill your time slot with another cleaning appointment we may be able to avoid charging you a cancellation fee. We strive to be flexible with scheduling, and are aware that unforeseen circumstances arise that can create a need for cancellations, but frequent and short notice cancellations are a financial strain on our company and our employees. If you need a more flexible schedule you can always just call to set up appointments as needed.


If you need to reschedule your cleaning for another day of the week you will not be charged any extra fees. Please give us as much notice as possible for rescheduling, preferably by the Friday before the week of your regular cleaning. If we are unable to reschedule due to short notice, or limited availability on the customers end, this will count as a cancellation.

Lockouts, etc.

If we arrive at your home and are unable to clean for any reason (locked out, etc.), you will be charged half of your regular cleaning rate.

Postponing Cleanings Due to Heat

If it is a very hot day and you do not have air conditioning, we may reschedule your cleaning.


Tips are not expected, but they are appreciated! (About half of our customers tip, usually between 10% and 20%.)


If you are interested in helping us to grow our business by writing a testimonial to be posted on our website we will take $10 off your next cleaning. Send your testimonial using our email contact form.


Clients who refer friends or family members that hire us for regularly scheduled services, will
receive a $50 discount on their next cleaning service. Much of our business comes through referrals, so if you like our work please spread the word!

Inclusion on Our Reference List

Unless you specifically request not to be included on our list of references, we assume you’d be willing to serve as a reference for potential customers. If you prefer that we not include your name, email address and/or phone number on our reference list, please let us know.

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