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An all-natural, eco-friendly, family-owned housecleaning service you can feel good about.
Serving Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Nature Maid is a small, professional company with competitive rates, excellent references, and personalized service.

Our goal is to leave you with a truly clean home: one that is both free of dirt and germs, and free of chemical residues and artificial fragrances. Our natural cleaning products will reduce your exposure to toxins and won’t contribute to environmental pollution.

Our cleaning services are great for families with small children, those with chemical sensitivities or allergies, and anyone who wants to protect their health and the environment.

About Nature Maid

We’re a family-owned company founded by Michigan native Aimee O’Neil in 2004. Because we’re small, we can form personal relationships with our customers, which builds trust and confidence not found in large, corporate cleaning firms. We believe that our health is undeniably linked to our environment; chemical-free cleaning products protect both the natural environment and our own health.

What We Clean

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